2007 – , color photographs, variable dimensions

Road involves much more than merely connecting destinations or places of events, it implies movement, has intentions, hopes, crossings, turnings, processes resulting from the action of walking, just.like photography, which is not limited only to note the specific situation or scene.

A photo includes more than what is presented in the picture, it includes what we listen to, what we anticipate, it documents the traces of the event. Traces, as such, represent the index signs of the double character, which keep a record of the past presence of events, including both self-emptiness and lack of susceptibility to constant change and extinction.

On some of the works of Goran Micevski such as Roadblock, Stain, Ebb tide, Snowhighways or Remains of snow,  the road is elaborated and taken as a background treated as already established formation on which the temporary phenomena alternate and with their presence leave a physical trace and a trace of meaning. From a seemingly simple sign, a clear voyage, these traces become a sign filled with the diversity of that selected.

The road, the trace and a photograph inevitably become interlinked, either through unstaged or staged photographs, not showing the beginning and the end -because there is no beginning or the end – pointing to the endlessness of movement.

Maida Gruden