2007 – , color photographs, variable dimensions


Photographs presented have been made in the last couple of years; at that time, the focus of my interest had shifted from the relationship between text and image to the exploration of the existence of the autonomous photograph – the one which would fall out of the pointilistic structure of photo series and stand alone in its own self-sufficiency.

The flood

Having said that, these photographs don’t follow premeditated and clearly defined idea, but, rather present a heterogenous mix of thoughts and problems that have been occupying my attention in the recent period.

The common denominator is Belgrade – in the sense of a unique geographical and spiritual place that inevitably affects our every action and situation.


Jeff Wall said, while explaining why Vancouver was so suitable as a backgound for his works, that it (Vancouver) is, in its essence, a generic city, and thus, easily recognizible to millions of people around the world.

Here we have something different: it is my deep belief that these photographs could not have been made anywhere else but here, or, to be more precise, that I couldn’t have made these works if I hadn’t been a Belgrader. However, there are no specific landmarks or distinctive urban sites; what connects all these works is a specific madness of life in this place and madness of ’life endurance’ in this place.