2007 -, color photographs, 100×100 cm

Recently I got engaged in a conversation with some of my fellow artists.One of the friends was very loud in pointing out that life always comes before art. The intensity of approval in our little party was so strong that I decided to remain silent.

However, I could not think how wrong they were; the truth is quite opposite:

art precedes life.

artists having a lunch break

The stance that a photograph is a document has been outdated for a long time. However, this standpoint is still very much present in the mind of the viewer.

As it has, during its brief history, mostly based itself on the pain of the others, usually depicting from a milee of socially indisposed or with-some-trouble affected, it is about time photography started to deal with these utopian realities where art is highly acclaimed and commonly accepted social category.

Belgrade workers paying tribute to Richard Long

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