In my work, I insist on traditional approach to the medium; not so much to put an emphasis on any kind of photographic puritanism, but to take the advantage of the inherent quality of the analogue photography. The analogue photography, without a doubt, documents the event that took place in front of the open camera lens. It reflects the intrusion of the reality that cannot be denied.

This is not just another self-constructed, for the sake of the better-sounding-solution, name for the series. The photographs presented here reject any attempt to be classified. They are  proof of the performances, temporary installations, barely noticeable interventions, which even though temporary in character, existed long enough to illuminate the interior of the camera.

Conceptual art, land art, minimalism, video art, all used (and are using) photography for their own – often suspicious- purposes.

Hiroshi Sugimoto has explicitly shown how the photographic medium, contrary to popular opinion, incorporates the film medium.

These works represent the extension of his thoughts; the photography as a medium, in addition to film, contains video, installations and performance as well.

For these reasons, it escapes the classification.

However, this refusal is also a call for a dialogue.


You can download the pdf presentation from here> unclassified