2002, video installation,

music: Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”

A hospital bed is situated in the middle of white room. The bed is made, meaning that the bedclothes are in perfect order. There is a white pillow, white sheet and dark blanket on the bed. The look of it suggests that nobody is sleeping in it at that time.

Besides the bed is a  hospital night table, with few drawers, and a radio.

A video showing a man lying (the author himself), with his eyes barely open and his mouth slowly opening and closing (as if whispering something) is projected onto the bed.

But, there is no sound coming from the video.

The only sound is a song looping endlessly from the radio on the night table.

The song is Gloria Gaynor’s greatest disco hit „I will survive”

(… you know I’ll stay alive…)

During the visiting hours the author is sitting in a chair next to the bed.